Stretching for a couple of kilometers over a series of rocky headlands, Playa Tamarindo is one of the most popular beaches in Guanacaste, attracting surfers and weekending Costa Ricans. TAMARINDO village, which has a sizeable foreign community, boasts a great selection of restaurants, a lively beach culture and some nightlife, at least during high-season. Go to surf culture surf shop and ask all about tamarindo . ) al lado de sharky´s Tamarindo's climate has two seasons, dry and rainy. The dry season, from November through April, is dry, hot and sunny. The humidity is very low and comfortable. Temperatures in Tamarindo range between 80 and 95 degrees fahrenheit year round. The rainy season begins in late April or early May and continues through October. A typical day is sunny or partly cloudy until late afternoon or evening, when showers build inland and move offshore, often producing spectacular sunsets. Everything is green and lush during this time of year. There are no hurricanes in Tamarindo, but if a hurricane or tropical storm forms in the Atlantic or Caribbean it often means rain for Tamarindo.

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Getting to Tamarindo: The easiest and fastest way to get here is to fly into LIR international airport. They offer serval fights a day from all over The United States, Canada and Europe. There are airport shuttles that come direct to Tamarindo for about $26 a way. For the travelers more on a budget there is a local bus you can take from the airport to Tamarindo that will only be about $3, but make many stops and take you about 2.5 hours compared to the 1 hour shuttle. If you wanting to make day trips while you are in Tamarindo, you might want to consider renting a car. The roads in Costa Rica can be rough and not paved, so A 4WD vehicle is recommended during the rainy season (June-Nov). You may want to also consider flying into SJO which is further away, about 4.5 hours if you rent a car and longer if you plan on taking a shuttle. They do however have private regular schedule airline, that can fly you from SJO right into Tamarindo. Private shuttle services are available as well. There are also scheduled daily bus service to and from San José, as well as surrounding communities, is available by a variety of companies.